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Why apply for a patent?

The purpose of applying for a patent is to protect new technology and invention creation, thus guaranteeing the right of the patent inventor and patent holder to manufacture and sell the technology and invention, and not losing the technological achievements due to the departure of the technical personnel. In addition, patent registration can also enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, leave a good impression of reliability and safety to customers, so as to obtain more sales opportunities. Because of the regional nature of patent protection, if patent technology is to be protected abroad, it is necessary to submit international patent applications and authorization in the corresponding countries. If enterprises export their products, they may face the risk of infringing the patent rights of other countries. In order to avoid infringement and affect future business development, exporters should file international patent applications in corresponding countries before exporting, so as to better protect their rights and interests.

What not applying for a patent by yourself?

The patent application might be rejected or delayed for the following reasons:
1) Wrong filing due to language barrier and lack of professional knowledge in patent application
2) Improper filling the application documents without the guidance of a professional agent
3) Improper handling of rejected application due to delay to receive official notice
4) Neglect of key links due to lack of patent application experience
5) Lack of overall consideration, hence reducing the patent protection

Why CtR Pattent Application Services?

CtR offers ten advantages over our competitors:
1) Professional Team: Members include intellectual property lawyers, China Patent Attorney, product designers and engineers to offer all aspects of patent services
2) Solid Experience: Our IP lawyers have many years of intellectual property protection experience and understand your needs
3) Confidentiality: All customer information is strictly kept confidential
4) Safe Delivery: All materials are carefully packaged and delivered
5) Global Services Coverage: international patent applications include China Patent, Hong Kong Patent, United States Patent, European Union Patent and other regions patent application
6) Quality Assurance: All services are operated by professionals to greatly enhance the patent application successful rate
7) Customer First: Prompt respond within 24 hours after receiving orders
8) Full Service: From pre-sale consultation, professional analysis to subsequent follow-up
9) Cost Reduction: CtR professional team enables cost reduction and faster patent registration
10) Official Agent: CtR is an authorized patent agent for the Patent Application Grant of the Hong Kong Institute of Innovation and Technology (HKITC)

CtR Intellectual Property has its own patent team which can provide patent analysis in the early stage of your product development. Hence, our patent engineers can full understand your new invention and design, and the China Patent Attorney prepares the best patent documents to provide you with professional, reliable, time-saving one-stop product development and intellectual property protection during the patent application period. With more than 25 years of experience in the engineering support in biomedicine, electronics, industrial, material engineering, product development, statistics and big data analysis, etc, we are confidence that we are your reliable patent application agent and partner. Besides, we also provide customers with comprehensive support in patent valuation, patent commercialization and patent trading.