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With a global increasing recognition of Intellectual Property over the past years, there is an urgent need in patent application and trademark registration in Hong Kong. CtR can provide professional patent analysis for our client with our team of China patent attorneys, patent engineers, and product developers prior to developing new products.

Meanwhile, our patent engineers have the ability to fully understand your new invention-creation and therefore help our patent attorney draft satisfactory patent specifications that meet legal requirement and protect your unique technological inventions.

With such strengths, CtR is undoubtedly your choice for provision of professional, reliable, efficient, and one-stop product development for the protection of Intellectual Property.

Following the success of CtR Intellectual Property (IP) Company Limited, CtR Funding Valuation Limited was set up in 2019 to offer you one-stop service to enhance IP value and facilitate its trading. The collaboration between the two companies shall provide synergised and all-round professional consultancy service on most IP areas.

Supported by a group of professionals with 25+ year of experience in various expertise, such as biomedical, electronics, industrial, material engineering, product development, statistics and big data analytics, CtR Funding Valuation is indeed your best partner in product launching services. Our team of professionals have partnered to offer our valuable clients with specific and tailor-made services, particularly in the fields of IP Valuation, IP productisation and IP trading support.

CtR Product Development is a professional company for three main business areas, namely Intellectual Property Service, Industrial Design & Engineering consultant and Product Developing Assistant Service. Through integrating the comprehensive knowledge, we focus on providing our “Turnkey Product-Developing Solution”.