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How to Get a UAE Patent

Did you know that the United Arab Emirates’ economy is thriving? After all, its current GDP is at $414.18 billion, according to the World Bank. With that, this country becomes more attractive to invest ideas in.

If you’re looking to apply for a UAE patent, you need to know the requirements. That way, the process will go smoothly and help you get the sole recognition you deserve.


Filling UAE Patent Requirements

The first thing you should remember is that the official languages of the patent application are Arabic and English. That’s why you need to submit translations of both when you file for a patent. To get a filing date, your application should have:

  • Request to grant a patent
  • Applicant’s details
  • Specification and claims

The specifications should include translations in English and Arabic. Include the Abstract as well as any applicable drawings.

You need to file a certified Priority Document copy within 90 days of the filing date. Alongside this, you need to submit the original Power of Attorney. Take note, it’s required to get legalization from the UAE Consulate.

If you’re not the inventor, you need to get a Deed of Assignment as well.


The UAE Patent Application Process

Once you submit all the required documents, the Patent Office will accept the application. They will release a formal and legal examination notice to you. You’ll also receive a request to settle your examination fees within 90 days after getting the notification.

Take note, you won’t have a novelty grace period when applying for a patent. Regardless, you need to pay the publication fee as soon as the application gets a substantive acceptance.


Utility Model Protection

You can get protection for your utility model using the UAE IP legislation. The requirement is that your model should be new, has industrial applications, and has an inventive method. After finishing the application, you’ll get a protection period for up to 10 years.


Patents Made by Foreign Applicants

If you don’t live in the UAE, you’re required to get a patent attorney. These registered Emirati attorneys will do the patent registration process for you. With that, you’ll need to pay all the fees necessary for them to accomplish the process.

Regardless of whether you get professional help, it will take around two years to get a patent in this country. It’s assumed that the entire process goes smoothly.


Get a UAE Patent Today!

Take note, if you want to claim priority for your patent application, you need to file it within 12 months after the first priority date. With that said, this guide can help you start preparing the necessary documents to succeed in your application. Don’t hesitate and start filing today.

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