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Some Facts About Thailand Patent Application

If you’re looking to file for a Thailand patent, it’s important to know their patent laws. That way, you’ll learn how to properly apply for IP protection. With that, you need to know some facts that will guide you through the patent application process.

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Types of Patents Recognized by Thailand

When applying for a Thailand patent, the country recognizes three types: Patent for Invention, Design Patent, and Petty Patent. Each can cater to your IP protection needs, regardless of the type of invention you’re looking to patent.

Patent for Invention helps in protecting a feature or component of a product or process. It also protects any associated improvements related to the same invention.

Design Patent applies more when you’re trying to protect something creative. This will concern features like the item’s shape, color, pattern, or configuration.

Petty Patent is your best choice if you’re patenting a new product or process. It’s also good for securing improvements with technology or low-level innovations. As long as it has more uses, you can use this patent type.


Advantages of Registering Thailand Patents

When registering your Thailand patent, you gain a greater level of legal protection. That means your inventions and designs aren’t prone to infringement. With that, you gain sole rights to produce and distribute your patent within a set amount of time.

When registering a patent, others will become discouraged from using your idea. It’s possible since your registered patent will show up in the search system. This serves as a deterrent for competitors from registering a similar invention.


Thailand Patent Eligibility

If you apply for Thailand patents, it’s only eligible once your invention satisfies some conditions. It needs to be new, involving an inventive step, and industrially-applicable. It’s also a requirement for you to have an office or address in Thailand.

It isn’t the end if you aren’t a resident of the country. You can always designate an agent to act on your behalf. Take note, it’s important since you need to have a direct line of communication with the Registrar.


Duration of Patent Protection

An Invention Patent will have a 20-year duration from  while Design Patents only last 10 years. As for Petty Patents, you only have it for 6 years. In this duration, you have the sole right to produce and distribute the product.


Get a Patent in Thailand Today!

Take note, your Thailand patent won’t get approved if it contradicts the public order or good morals. With these facts, you can start filing for a patent. That way, you can protect your invention from infringement and gain a competitive advantage.

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