Saudi Arabia trademark registration

Saudi Arabia Trademark Registration: FAQs

Looking to register your Saudi Arabia trademark? Here are the answers to some of your questions.


You may find it a bit daunting to file your Saudi Arabia trademark registration application if you’re running a business outside the Kingdom. But here’s a handy FAQ guide to give you a better understanding of the process.


How much will it cost?

Officially, the cost of the whole trademark registration process (up to the issuance of the certificate) is USD $2,405.  Yes, it’s rather costly, compared to the cost in other countries.


How long will it take?

The whole trademark registration process is surprisingly fast in Saudi Arabia, especially after the introduction of the new online filing system a few years ago. It may take only 4 months, unlike in other places where it can take a year and a half even when everything goes smoothly.


What power of attorney is needed?

You’ll need to get a local agent or attorney with a power of attorney, before you can file your trademark registration application. This power of attorney has to be executed by an authorized signatory before a Notary Public, and it should be legalized in the Saudi Consulate in your country.


You’ll then need to upload a copy of the power attorney to the Saudi trademark office. Once the trademark office reviews and approves the power of attorney, you then get the notice to file your application online.


What are the other requirements in the application?

Your application must include:

  • Your name (if you’re the applicant)
  • Your address
  • Your nationality
  • Your line of business
  • A description of the mark you want to file
  • A list of your company’s goods and services
  • A hi-res JPEG image of your trademark

Can you submit your documents in English?

No. The trademark office in Saudi Arabi, along with the courts, only accepts either Arabic documents or the Arabic translation (from certified translators) of your original documents. These include your power of attorney.


What if you’re already using a well-known mark?

In that case, the Saudi trademark recognizes your mark even if it’s not registered. This has been proven in many cases, when Saudi courts have upheld the protection for unregistered yet well-known company marks.


How can you prove that your mark is “well-known”?

You can submit your international registrations to back up your claim. If you’ve been already doing business in the Kingdom with an unregistered mark, you can use your sales figures and proof of your promos and advertising to back up your claim that your mark is already “well-known”.


But it is still easier if you just register your trademark instead!


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