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How to File a Mongolia Patent

If you’re looking to patent your invention in Mongolia, you need to know its process. That way, you can submit the requirements as soon as possible. In this guide, you’ll learn some of the more important aspects of Mongolian patent laws.

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Patent Application Terms

If you apply for a conventional priority for a Mongolia patent, you need to file it within 12 months after the date of claiming priority. You need to do this without delay since it isn’t possible to restore your priority right in this country.


By the time you file your priority document, you need to translate it into Mongolian. This is a prevalent requirement when applying for patents in Mongolia. Your patent should be in Mongolian since the government only allows you to file for the specification’s translation within two months.


Filing Requirements

The Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia requires the following for you to get a filing date:

  • Request to grant a patent
  • Description of the invention
  • Patent claims
  • Drawings (if applicable)

If you aren’t the inventor, you need to submit an Assignment Deed. The document should justify your right to get the patent. You’ll need to submit this document within 90 days after you apply.


Substantive Examination Request

After you get your filing date, the IPOM assigns an examiner to your invention. They will do the substantive examination to see whether it complies with the requirements. The good news is that you don’t need to file any specific request to do this.


Maintenance Fees

After you get a patent grant, you need to pay the maintenance fees within six months. This lump sum will pay for the first three years of your patent protection. You’ll need to pay for the subsequent maintenance periods every six months beforehand.


Patent Attorney Representation

If you aren’t living in Mongolia, you’ll need to get representation with an agent. Your best bet is to get a registered Mongolian attorney that specializes in Mongolian patent laws. It means you’ll also pay for their legal fees, but most are credible and competent in helping you out.


The good news is that you’re not required to legalize your Power of Attorney. Regardless, you still need to submit it within 90 days after you filed for the patent.


File a Patent in Mongolia Today!

When you get a patent grant for your invention, you’ll get protection for a maximum of 20 years. It’s a common duration across different countries, so you’re ensured for a long while. Take note, Mongolia is a member of the PCT, so you might get some perks if you already got a grant from other participating countries.


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