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Lazada takes Advantage of Alibaba’s Intellectual Property Protection Platform

Lazada, the leading e-commerce company in the Southeast Asian region, announced that it is taking advantage of an intellectual property rights weapon from its parent company Alibaba’s arsenal to further improve its brand protection.


Lazada is doing business across six Southeast Asian countries. In a launching event in Singapore, Lazada announced that it will take part in the Intellectual Property Protection Platform project by Alibaba. It is an online platform for managing and processing infringement claims that is aimed to suppress the spread of infringing goods that enter the company’s online shopping sites. Before this system was put into place, all the processing of removing infringing goods from their websites was done via email.


According to a statement by the CEO of Lazada Group, Pierre Poignant, Lazada believes that in order to maintain its place as the leader and being the top e-commerce website in the Southeast Asian region, they have to focus on gaining the trust of their customers and constantly improve their reliability to further speed up their business expansion across the region. He also went on to say that protecting intellectual property rights is one of their major priorities in Lazada and that the event was part of their efforts in ensuring that the intellectual property rights of the brands that work with them are protected and the policies are being properly enforced.


Lazada’s intellectual property protection platform lets brands manage their listings across all the major Alibaba platforms all wrapped in one easy to use and understand online portal. In one place, brands can now register and submit their proof of intellectual property rights, like trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and the platform’s underlying technology would do the rest of the work and take down the infringing brands, and it’s all done automatically and a win-win situation for both parties as Lazada won’t have to spend too much time in processing the takedown requests and the brands would no longer have to write a takedown request and their wait time is massively reduced.


The company’s intellectual property protection platform aims to protect all the six countries they do business in, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Lazada has also employed a director for brand protection and built a team that would dedicatedly handle intellectual property rights matters.


Until their intellectual property protection platform is in place, there is currently one dedicated team in the Lazada brand-protection team that processes all the intellectual property- related issues across many decentralized channels, like reporting features that penalize infringing merchants, a policy education course for sellers. And for consumers, they can report infringed items on the platform by using the live chat feature and the “report an issue” features on the Lazada mobile app and the Lazada website.


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