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African Nations Turn Their Focus on Protecting Intellectual Property In Africa

The country of Zimbabwe in the last few years has been experiencing an economic downtrend. According to a document published by the Zimbabwean government, their country is in need of country-wide intellectual property rules and plans. The Zimbabwean government is putting huge faith in intellectual property, and they even went as far as saying that it’s going to change the country’s economic situation for the better and that it will also convert Zimbabwe from a nation that’s economy solely relies on the country’s resources into a nation which economy relies on the knowledge of the workforce.


The document is called the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation Strategy. The government has outlined in the document its plans in giving the country high regard in spreading the knowledge of the intellectual property. The government of Zimbabwe aims to create a culture that is driven by innovation, invention, and creativity, they also went to say that they are going to make sure that dependable intellectual property laws are going to be put in place and that they’re going to be strictly enforced.


Zimbabwe though was not the first country in Africa to release their own official intellectual property policy, Ghana beat them to the punch when in 2016, they launched their National Intellectual Property Policy and Strategy (NIPPS). This policy has been put into place because Ghana realizes that technological innovations and trading globally is what’s driving the world economy. They also recognize that engaging in value-adding goods and services are becoming the norm in most emerging markets, and that accessing their knowledge resource would be the more sustainable option for growing their economy.


These kinds of initiatives coming from African nations reflect confidence and ambition. It would certainly up Ghana’s game in the intellectual property field and it will put them in line of the global best practices, and ultimately, it would drive the nation to become one of the leaders among the countries when it comes to the usage of intellectual property in order to stimulate the fast emergence of a country’s economy. Many nations would look up to Ghana by attaining the status of having advanced living standards and a significantly better quality of life that can be seen in both environmental and economic conditions.


South Africa also recently made it to the headlines when it released its intellectual property policy in 2013. Unlike the first two countries’ IP policy, South Africa’s one has more of a global approach with suggestions like the country would imitate the intellectual property developments that are similar to that of the countries like India, Brazil, and Egypt. These developments really do show that African countries are taking on the intellectual property very seriously.



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