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The First Stage In The Hong Kong Patent Application Process Explained

When applying for a standard Hong Kong patent, there are two main stages of the process. Here, we will discuss the first stage including where, when and what to file. Due to the complex nature of the patent application process, we strongly recommend hiring an experienced patent agent or lawyer specializing in patents and trademarks.


Where to File

In Hong Kong, the grant of a standard patent can be made by one of these three patent offices, known as designated patent offices.

  • The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of Chine
  • The United Kingdom Patent Office
  • The European Patent Office where the patent designates the United Kingdom as the designated patent area


In case of a standard patent application filed in Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, the process occurs in two stages, namely:  (The applicant files the following documents in two successive stages)

  • In stage 1, a formal request to record the designated patent application (i.e., Chinese, European Patent, or United Kingdom Patent-published)
  • In stage 2, a formal request for registration and grant in either of these designated patent offices


Keep in mind that there are processes and papers as well as pros and cons required in these two stages. While these can be conducted on a do-it-yourself basis, these can become overwhelming for a non-lawyer or non-expert in patent applications.


When to File

The request to record a Hong Kong patent application should be made within six months after the publication of the patent application in one of three designated patent offices.


What to File

The patent application process is paper-heavy in the sense that numerous documents are required. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Patents Form P4 for the request to record
  • Certified copy of the published designated patent application
  • Abstract of the patent in both the Chinese and English languages
  • Title of the invention in both the Chinese and English languages
  • Full name and address of the applicant


The applicant may also be required to provide a copy of an assignment (i.e., if the applicant isn’t the person stated in the application) or a statement identifying the inventor (i.e., in case the inventor isn’t named in the application).


Also, the applicant can appoint an patent agent. In this case, the agent must notify the Registrar of his address where he resides or performs business activities.  Of course, the agent will require fees for his services and these fees aren’t included in the filing and advertisement fees required by the designated patent offices.


Currently, the filing fee is HK$380 and the advertisement fee is HK$68. These amounts apply within 30 days of the earliest filing of any part of the applicant’s request to record.


Even for applicants who have completed these steps, there will likely still be issues concerning the patents. These issues can range from the novelty to the usefulness of the invention, as well as in the technicalities of the filing process. Again, an expert in the Hong Kong patent process will be useful in ironing out the kinks.


As the patent application needs professional knowledge and experience, we suggest hiring an experienced patent agent for individuals and organizations. For details of the Hong Kong patent registration, please contact us for free consulation.



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