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Common Misconceptions about IP in Egypt

If you want to protect your inventions in Egypt, you need to patent them at the Egyptian Patent Office. But if you’re a small innovator who hasn’t tried patenting before, you might have some reservations. After all, it might be an expensive venture.

In this guide, you’ll learn the most common misconceptions about Egyptian IP protection.


1. IP Terms are Interchangeable

The truth is that most innovators in Egypt think that copyright, trademark, and patent are the same. The truth is that you need to use Egypt patents to protect your new inventions, concepts, and original ideas. It also causes a lot of business owners to stay unaware of their rights since they’re not sure whether the law protects their products.


2. Patent Filing Conditions

It’s a sad fact that the Egyptian government doesn’t discuss its patent filing conditions a lot. If you’re an innovator living in the country, likely, you’ll only file for a patent once you can demonstrate a working product. To qualify for a patent, you only need to have a general draft on how to implement your invention.

Also, patent protection in Egypt starts at the filing date instead of the approval date. With these misconceptions, most inventors will delay filing for patent grants. It puts them at risk since other people will counter-file.


3. Patent Protection is Expensive

Most small innovators think that filing for a patent is expensive. After all, multinational and large corporations file lots of patent applications. The reality is that filing a Egypt patent will only cost about $10 if you’re an individual or a startup business.

The reason for this is that the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian Patent Office worked together. As a result, the prices for patent protection will depend on your business size. It’s made to help smaller establishments in protecting their inventions.

If you’re an inventor, you can contact research institutions and universities in the country. They might offer to pay for some (if not all) of the funds associated with your patent filing. It only applies if it involves ongoing research in science and technology.


4. International Patents

Another misconception that hinders small innovators is the existence of international patents. In their eyes, multinational corporations have patents that protect their innovations across the globe. With that, they become discouraged since they have no means of competing with larger corporate entities.

The truth is that corporations will only patent within their area of operations.


File a Egypt Patent Today!

With these misconceptions cleared up, you can now try applying for a Egypt patent. It’s important to protect your innovation, so you get a competitive advantage. Don’t hesitate to research our posts if you need more information.

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