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How to File a Patent in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Southeast Asia. That’s why it’s becoming one of the most attractive places to patent products. It’s especially important if you’re trying to take advantage of this economic growth.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get and enforce your patents in the country. Read on and find out more about patent protection today.


Registration Process

Like a lot of countries with well-developed patent laws, Cambodia uses the first-to-file system. That means the applicant with the earliest filing date will get the patent grant. If the applicant claims priority, they’ll get the patent grant if they have the earlier priority date.

The priority date refers to when you first made your patent application in another country. This period will start upon filing the first application date. Its validity will last for twelve months at the maximum.

The Department of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy is responsible for granting patents. If you’re not from Cambodia, you need to get a local Cambodian agent to represent you. You need to submit the application using either English or Khmer.



Your application should have the following information and documents:

  • Formal request and application
  • Invention Description
  • Claims for seeking protection
  • Diagrams
  • Abstract
  • Power of Attorney
  • Foreign filing information

If you’re the inventor, your dossier should also contain a Statement of the Applicant’s Right. Otherwise, you need to put the name and address of the inventor. Include a statement that justifies why you should get the right for the patent.

Once claiming priority, the governing body will request you to submit any search or examination reports. These should relate to your application from outside the country. You also need to show a copy of the granted foreign patent.



When applying for a patent, you need to pay the filing fee. Once you get the patent grant, you’ll need to pay a validity maintenance fee.

As for utility models, you need to pay to file for it. Take note, before you get a grant or a refusal for the patent, you can convert it into a utility model application and vice versa. Take note, you can only convert your application once, so ensure that you make the best choice.

Get a Patent in Cambodia Today!

If you need to get a patent grant for your invention, these are the things you should consider. Take note, your patent protection will only last for twenty years at the maximum. As for utility models, you can only protect them for seven years.


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