South Korea Trademark Registration


South Korea is a WIPO member, so its rules conform closely to the ones which are used in other countries to decide whether a name, trademark or copyright can be used for commercial purposes. The official trademark office in South Korea is the Copyright Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.


Conducting a trademark search in South Korea is an important step for any business that intends to promote a product or service with an international profile. The biggest question under WIPO rules is a bit confusing in case of similarity. Our assistance ensures that you don’t invest money into an effort that you might have to revisit if one is challenged or if you end up in litigation.


You will need to submit a single application for each trademark you wish to register. The trademark registration application must be made in Korean and not in English, and CTR would be happy to help.


Duration of Application: About 12 months (if no objections or oppositions arise).

Mark Validity: 10 years calculated from the application date or the priority date.

Mark Renewal: Renewal for 10 years. The renewal should be made 12 months before the expiration date (which is 10 years calculated from the registration date). For late renewal, it should be made 6 months after the deadline expiration date.


For enquiry of the South Korea trademark registration or other international trademark application, please contact us for free trademark consultation.