Moroccan Trademark Application Process: FAQs

Here are the answers to your most likely questions if you’re planning to file your Moroccan trademark registration application.


What do you need to do before you file your application?

First, you need to do a brand search, to make sure that your trademark is actually still available. Your best bet is to use the OMPIC (Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property) so you can use their trademark databases.

You then have to choose the classification of your products, according to the international Nice classification system.

Finally, if you’re not a Moroccan resident then you have to appoint an agent with your power of attorney. This is often a lawyer who is also a resident of Morocco. This person will be in charge of complying with all the rules and requirements of the Moroccan trademark application process.


How do you do a brand search properly?

To make sure you cover all your bases, you need to check other marks that either look or sound the same as your own. Check the databases for spellings that are almost identical to yours, and for names that sound similar to your own brand name. If you find similar looking or sounding brand names, your application may be rejected because it’s not distinctive enough.


How do you file your application?

If you’re a foreigner, then let the agent handle it. Usually, they will go through the online DirectInfo service, but this is in French.

whole process.


What must your application contain?

It must include:

  • The M1 deposit form you completed
  • 2 model reproductions of your mark in black and white
  • 2 model reproductions of your mark in color (if your mark does have colors)
  • Payment of the fees
  • The power of attorney for your agent

How long will the review of your application take?

The OMPIC will check the validity of your application for about 3 months. If there are any problems, then 2 extra months may be added to the time frame.

After that, there’s also the publication stage. This is when your mark is published in the OMPIC and DirectInfo websites. It will stay there for 2 months, to give other businesses ample time to react if they object to your mark.


How long does the trademark protection last?

Once all the objections have been dealt with (or if there are no objections), you get the Certificate for Trademark Registration. You then get the trademark protection for 10 years. But you can renew the trademark protection indefinitely every 10 years.


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