Why trademark application?

A trademark is a symbol, usually composed of words, graphics or a combination of both, used to identify goods and services from others. From a commercial point of view, a trademark is the brand of your goods or services. Only if you register a trademark, you can have the exclusive right to use the trademark for your goods and services. If other merchants use the trademark in the same or similar goods or services in the registered area without your consent, you may ask them to stop the infringement and compensate for it. Otherwise, it’s harder to prove that you own the trademark. Don’t think it is just lack of mark protection. If your competitors register your trademark first, you may be accused at any time, or even affect your normal business and development in future.


Why CtR trademark registration Services?


CtR offers ten advantages over our competitors:


1) Professional Team: Members include intellectual property lawyers, patentees, product designers and engineers to offer all aspects of intellectual property services

2) Solid Experience: Our IP lawyers with many years of global trademark registration experience understand your needs

3) Confidentiality: All customer information is strictly kept confidential

4) Safe Delivery: All materials are carefully packaged and delivered

5) Global Services Coverage: Global Trademark Registration including trademark registration in China, Hong Kong, the United States, the European Union and other regions

6) Quality Assurance: All services are operated by professionals to greatly increase the chances of successful trademark application

7) Customer First: Prompt respond within 24 hours after receiving orders

8) Full Service: From pre-sale consultation, professional analysis to subsequent follow-up

9) Cost Reduction: CtR professional team enables cost reduction and faster trademark registration

10) Official Agent: CtR is an authorized patent agent for the Patent Application Grant of the Hong Kong Institute of Innovation and Technology (HKITC)



CtR Global Trademark Registration Service  covers:

  • Application for registration of a trade mark
  • Renewal, assignment, filing, and amendment of mark
  • Opposition and its defense
  • Examination and its defense
  • Appeal to the courts
  • Appeal , its administrative and legal proceedings
  • Trademark Customs filing
  • Pre-registration inquiries and its supervision
  • Other related trademark advisory and legal matters


For details of our international trademark application services, act now to contact us.