Indonesia Trademark Registration

Indonesia is a country plagued by high rates of piracy, especially in relation to the patenting of goods and services. Hence, it is vital to register the Indonesian trademark. By registering the trademark, the owner’s rights are protected and he can file legal action against unauthorized use of the trademark. It may also allow the trademark owner to use the Indonesia trademark registration to receive legal assistance. Having a solid and reputable trademark adds value to the products or services.


A trademark differentiates one from others through designs, symbols, colors, graphics, words, or thereof, and used in the activities of trade in goods or services. Multiple-class trademark applications are possible in Indonesia. However, it is recommended to file single class application to avoid unnecessary delay in the processing in case one of the classes faces objection.


Generally, it may take about 12 to 24 months to process and approve the trademark application. If there is no objection, WIPO Indonesia will approve the application and put it in the Indonesia trademark database. The fees and charges vary depending on the type of goods or services. But, there are no guarantees that WIPO Indonesia will approve the application. Furthermore, the applicant will get no refund if the application is denied.


The validity term of trademarks constitutes 10 years from the filing date. Registration may be renewed for consecutive ten year periods an unlimited number of times. Renewal application for 10 years must be filed within 6 months before the expiry date of a trademark. Late filing of the renewal application may be done within a 6-month grace period after the expiry date of registration by paying additional fee.


Duration of Application: 12-24 months (if no objections or oppositions arise)

Mark Validity: 10 years from the date of registration

Mark Renewal: Renewal application for 10 years must be filed within one year prior to its expiry date. The renewal date is non-extendible.

Mark Cancellation: If a registered trademark has not been used by the owner or with his consent, in relation to the goods or services for which it is registered, for a continuous period of 3 years, the trademark registration is subject to non-use cancellation action.


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