How to Register Your Thailand Trademark

Doing business in Thailand? Here’s the guide for the Thailand trademark registration.


If you’re planning to sell your goods in Thailand, it’s always a good idea to register a Thai trademark to make sure you get the maximum protection for your brand name and logo. It’s true that the entire process takes a bit of time. Some companies don’t even bother, because Thai law generally recognizes foreign trademarks anyway.

But the protection you get for your trademark is actually rather limited if you haven’t registered it officially in Thailand. You only get the best protection once you’re officially registered. Fortunately, that protection starts from the very day you submit your trademark application.


Needed Documents

As the applicant, you need to provide the following documents for your application:

  • Signed power of attorney. This should be notarized if it was signed from abroad.
  • Signed passport copies of the authorized directors.
  • Company affidavit. If you have a Thai company, then you need the original set. But you can submit a copy of the company affidavit if you’re based outside Thailand.
  • A logo of your trademark. This should be in the exact color.


34 Different Classifications

Thailand follows the 10th edition of the Nice Classification system, with 34 different classifications for goods, plus 8 for services. These classifications can be rather specific. One class covers chemicals used in industry and agriculture, another class covers paints and varnishes protect against rust and wood deterioration, and there’s another class for industrial greases and oils.


You can only apply a trademark for a single class. You need a separate application for each extra class if you plan on using a multi-class trademark.

Other Requirements

  • Every applicant needs a fixed place of business in Thailand. If you don’t live in Thailand, your business office or company premises will be considered your “home”.
  • If you’re a foreigner, you have to appoint a trademark This agent has to be a Thai resident, and you need to grant them a power of attorney.
  • Trademark applications must be completed using the Thai language.
  • You need to complete and file an official form with the Department of Intellectual Property.
  • Your application should include a sample of the product.
  • After you submit your trademark application, the Trademark Registrar will check the validity of the brand name and logo, and check that there isn’t a similar mark already in use in the country. The Trademark Registrar may also ask for additional statements and explanations. These statements and explanations can come from your agent on your behalf.
  • After the checking, your Thailand trademark application will be published in the Trademark Gazette for 90 days. If no other company objects to your application, your Thai trademark is then registered.



You don’t have to do this yourself, especially if you’re a foreigner. Everything’s a lot easier if you simply let an experienced trademark agent submit the trademark application for you.


If you need to get professional help of the Thailand trademark registration, please contact us for free consulation.



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