How to Register for a Sudan Trademark

The law of 1931 enabled trademark registration in Sudan. It’s considered one of the oldest trademark laws in the Arab region. It’s amended in 1969, which applies even today.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to register for a Sudan trademark. Read on and find out more about Sudan trademark registration.


What Can You Trademark in Sudan?

A definite sign used to connect with goods to distinguish it from others is the prime definition of a Sudan trademark. It should be a distinct design that can include the following:

  • Words
  • Names
  • Devices
  • Brands
  • Headings
  • Labels
  • Tickets
  • Signatures
  • Numbers
  • Slogans

You can also use packages, emblems, and containers as part of your trademark. If you have a visible sign that you use to distinguish your service from other people, you can protect it as a service mark.



These are the documents you need to apply for a Sudan trademark:

  • A Power of Attorney
  • Sixteen trademark prints for each class
  • Certificate of Incorporation

The incorporation certificate should be a certified copy. It needs legalization up to the Consulate of Sudan. If your certificate isn’t in English or Arabic, you need to get a certified and legalized translation. Also, you need to notarize your Power of Attorney, signed and stamped by your seal.


Trademark Registration Process

Once you apply for a trademark, they will check whether you have the required documents. Take note, you’ll also need to pay for the application fees. If you’re late in submitting your files, you need to pay the delay fine.

The Trademark Office will start with the substantive examination as soon as you pass the formal examination. They’ll check whether your mark will come into conflict with others, as well as its eligibility for registration. Their decision will depend on the examination report’s official findings.

If accepted, your mark will appear in the Official Trademark Gazette. After the opposition period, they will issue a Certificate of Registration. Otherwise, you can file for an appeal if your mark gets rejected.

Take note, the Trademark Office’s decision is final. But you can still appeal to the Administrative Court if you want to overturn their rejection.


Legal Effects

After registering your mark, you prevent third parties from using the mark. It applies even if they use ones that look similar to yours. That will forbid them from misleading the public.

Also, the trademark law prevents them from using your mark without reasonable cause.


Get a Sudan Trademark Today!

Sudan’s trademark law is powerful, that’s why it’s better if you start protecting your trademark as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to start gathering the required documents and submitting your application.

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