How to File a Singapore Patent

Did you know that Singapore has a high-income economy? After all, its Gross National Income per capita is $54,530. That’s why the country gives one of the most business-friendly environment for local business owners in the world.

If you’re planning to tap into one of the world’s most competitive economies, you need to file for patent protection. That way, you gain a competitive advantage. In this guide, you’ll learn some facts on how to apply for a Singapore patent.


How to Apply for a Singapore Patent

You have to file a PF1/PF8 and pay the filing fee of around $120. The application should have the following included:

  • Description of the invention
  • Claims
  • Drawings
  • Abstract

You need to furnish an address for service in Singapore to the Registrar. This will serve as the address where you’ll send all correspondence from the Registry. You can get all the Patent forms from the IPOS counter and download it from their website.


What are the Costs of Patent Application?

The main cost you need to pay for the patent application is the official filing fees. If you’re not living in Singapore, you’re required to have a patent agent. That means you’ll have to pay more for them to act on your behalf.

But the total cost of the patent application will depend on certain factors. For example, your approach and the complexity of your invention will affect its final cost. Again, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore has the resources for the possible fees.


How Long Does It Take to Get a Patent?

In most cases, the average time will take 2-4 years after you apply for a patent. Certain factors will affect the total time. For example, if you make amendments to the application, you risk delaying your patent grant.

Also, the search and examination process can affect the total time. It’s especially the case if your invention is more complex.


How to Apply for Patent Application Amendments

If you need to amend your patent application’s specifications, you can make it through the Patents Form 13 and 13A. You can make this request as part of your response to the examiner’s opinion. You need to submit a copy of the specification that includes your proposed amendments.

Take note, you need to indicate these amendments. If you’re running out of time, you can request an extension to the Registry of Patents. Take note, you might need to pay and not all requests get approved.


Apply for a Singapore Patent Today!

Singapore is one of the best countries to invest in. That’s why you need to know these facts if you’re trying to apply for a Singapore patent. With that, you’ll protect your invention and use it for monetary gain.

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