FAQs about Argentina Trademark Registration

Thinking about registering your trademark (brand name and logo) in Argentina? Here’s a handy FAQ guide to help you out.


Does Argentina accept trademark applications for multiple classes?

No. Argentina only accepts applications for single class trademarks.


What are the trademark filing requirements in Argentina?

Your Argentina trademark application must contain these documents:

  • The official request to register your trademark
  • Your company details, including the address
  • At least 5 clear prints of your trademark representation
  • The specifications of the kind of goods and services you provide
  • Sworn translation of the Priority Document into Spanish (submitted within 3 months from filing date)
  • Original Power of Attorney, notarized and legalized by apostille or by Argentine Consul (submitted within 40 business days from filing date)

Keep in mind that Spanish is the official trademark application language in Argentina.


How long does the process last?

In Argentina, the entire trademark registration procedure from the first filing to the final registration takes about 18 months. But this only happens when everything goes smoothly.


What happens after you submit your trademark application?


First, the trademark office conducts a formal examination. Basically, that means they check that the brand name and logo comply with the rules regarding trademark names and designs.


Then they conduct a substantive examination, which includes examining its distinctiveness. This means they also conduct a search for brand names and logos that are currently in use which may appear too similar to yours.


If your brand name and logo pass these stages, the trademark office then publishes your application in the Bulletin. This gives other companies the chance to check out your brand name and logo, to make sure that they are, indeed, distinct from their own brand names and logos. These companies have 3 months to check this out.


How long is the trademark valid?

It lasts 10 years starting from the date of the registration. You can renew it every 10 years, as many times as your company wants. However, you need to file the renewal application at least 6 months before the 10th year expiration date. There’s no extension.


You also have to submit a Sworn Declaration of Use, specifying that you’ve used the trademark in Argentina for the last 5 years prior to the expiration date.


The validity of your registered trademark may also be cancelled if it can be proven that you didn’t use it for the 5 consecutive years after the registration. You need to submit a sworn declaration of use after 5 years (and before the 6th anniversary) of the registration. You don’t have to be prompt to submit this sworn declaration of use, as long as you submit it before the renewal stage. However, you’ll pay a surcharge for every year you delay.



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