Facts To Remember on Saudi Arabia Trademark Registration

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located at the heart of a trading scene between three continents which puts it on an ideal spot for strategic business expansion because it’s along a global trade route. Saudi Arabia is known to be the biggest trader of crude oil and the nation’s ferocious efforts to build up a solid economic diversification program. All of these things combined put Saudi Arabia in the firing lines of the world’s largest conglomerates as a country to expand their businesses on. The following are what a business owner should consider before filing a trademark in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi uses the tenth edition of the International Nice Classification. If you are an applicant for registering a trademark, the only choice you would have is the pre-approved list on the electronic platform of goods and services.


When applying for a Saudi Arabia trademark, you should always remember that it is a country that utilizes the civil law and follows a first-to-file basis. You should respond to their required amendments, and they are the ones to issue if they would accept your application or not.

Trademark Publication

Once your trademark application has been accepted, it would be announced on an online Official Gazette, commonly on the same day it got accepted, this subjects your application to questioning if another party calls for an opposition.

Process and Withdrawal

If you are the owner of the trademark and you fail to present a counter-statement to the opposition, your application would be dismissed. The withdrawal of the opposition would cause the termination of the process and an official notification would be sent by the TMO that authenticates the withdrawal.

Trademark Validity

In Saudi Arabia, the protection given to each trademark is for a period of 10 Hijri years, which amounts to 9 years and 8 calendar months. If you wish to extend your trademark protection you should renew it within the last year of expiration.


You may file a trademark in Saudi Arabia even if you don’t actually use it. But filed trademarks in Saudi Arabia has the risk of being canceled if seen unused for five continuous years.


Trademarks in Saudi Arabia are not forced to have markings in them, but it is advised to use the “TM” or the “R” symbol to signify and inform the public that it is a registered trademark.

Saudi Arabia is proactive about giving better security for trademark owners, and locally, the legal scene is developing in the right direction. Saudi Arabia is expected to keep nurturing these kinds of actions and it would in no doubt encourage the knowledge of the economy and improve foreign investment opportunities.

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