Egypt Trademark

Trademark registration in Egypt shall be carried out in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law No. 82/2002. Registering an Egypt trademark is not mandatory to use it in Egypt but it is preferable that the trademark’s owner have his trademark registered. The trademark’s owner has the exclusive right to use and license his trademark, prevent the other from registering same and take the legal procedures against any infringement of said trademark.


Any individual or legal entity can register his Egypt trademark, whether he is Egyptian or foreigner.


A filing application along with the documents shall be submitted to the Egyptian Trademarks Office. The examination phase shall take around 8 months. If the decision of the Trademarks Office was an acceptance decision then, the Trademark will be moved to the publication and registration phase. If no objection takes place during the sixty days the publication of the trademark, the Trademark shall be finally registered and the registration Certificate may be obtained.


Duration of Application: 14-16 months

Mark Validity: 10 years from the date of application

Mark Renewal: The registration is renewable at the end of the tenth year.


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