Common Questions About IP in Saudi Arabia

Did you know that industrial production in Saudi Arabia is thriving? After all, the GDP achieved by the manufacturing industries is currently at $85.2 billion in 2018. With that, it’s a good time to start investing in inventions to gain commercial advantage.

Upon reading this guide, you’ll learn some of the most common IP questions in Saudi Arabia. With that, you’ll know what to do if you’re trying to protect your invention within the country.


What are the Types of Industrial Property Rights in Saudi Arabia?

It allows you to register your Saudi Arabia patents and designs at the Saudi Arabian Patent Office. Its official name is General Directorate of Patents at King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology. You can register trademarks at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The country offers patents, plant varieties, industrial designs, integrated circuit designs, and trademarks. Sadly, they don’t cater to utility models.


How Long are the Terms of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Saudi Arabia?

Depending on the intellectual property you’re looking to protect, it will have different terms. For Saudi Arabia patents, they’re protected for 20 years after the filing date. The same duration goes for plant varieties.

IP rights protection for Industrial designs and integrated circuit layout designs will only last about 10 years.


What Conditions will Cause a Patent to Not Get a Grant?

According to the Saudi Arabian Patent Law, a patent won’t get a grant if it violates its fourth article. That means if your invention won’t get patented if its commercial exploitation will go against Islamic law (Shari’ah). It’s also worth noting that inventions that can harm humans, animals, and the environment won’t get IP protection.


Can You Patent Computer Software in Saudi Arabia?

It isn’t possible for you to patent computer programs. The good news is that you can protect your applications by using copyright. As for inventions related to computers, you can get patents for them, as long as it satisfies the patentability requirements within the country.


Can You Apply for Patent If You Aren’t from Saudi Arabia?

The short answer is yes. But that means you need to get an authorized representative living in Saudi Arabia. The applicants need to file a power of attorney before they start applying for a patent.

Take note, the power of attorney needs notarization and legalization by Saudi Arabia’s consulate. It’s also important that the documents you submit are in the Arabic language. This is a requirement by the Saudi Arabian Law of Patents.


Apply for a Saudi Arabian Patent Today!

With these common questions answered, you now have more information on how to file a Saudi Arabia patent. It’s especially important if you’re not a resident of the country.

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