An Overview of Intellectual Property Rights In South Korea

The Republic of Korea or simply South Korea is part of the United Kingdom Trade and Investment priority high growth market. The mutual trade between the United Kingdom and South Korea now exceeds 6-billion USD annually. One of the most important things you need to do if you are thinking of starting a business in South Korea or if you already are doing business in South Korea is to protect your intellectual property.

We have crafted an article to give you an overview of intellectual property in South Korea, specifically, an overview of the categories of intellectual properties to help you understand what you need to protect and how to avoid infringing on the intellectual properties of others.

Intellectual Property Rights In South Korea

Intellectual properties in Korea work much in the same way as anywhere else. The basic explanation is that intellectual property is the term that represents an invention, brand, concept or design where an individual or a business has legal rights. Most of the businesses that are being established have some sort of intellectual property, which could sometimes be a very significant asset. Basic types of intellectual property include the following:


A patent provides infringement protection over designs that have commercial applications like a process or a product.


Copyright might be the type of intellectual property you might be most familiar to, it protects against infringements over written or published entities like songs, artworks, movies, and interweb contents.


Trademarks protect logos, phrases, symbols, signs, or sound that differentiates your product or service from the others.


This protects against infringement on computerized or handwritten drawings.

Intellectual property can be registered or not. If you decide to register your intellectual property, you will have to consult an authority, and in case of South Korea, you need to consult the Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom, failing to register your intellectual property runs the risk of others stealing your concepts. They accept registrations of intellectual properties in the following forms: trademarks, patents, and design rights.

Global Recognition

South Korea has long been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), ever since way back in 1995. In order to become a member of the WTO, a nation must include its own version of intellectual property protection implemented by its national law. Which if you are thinking about doing business in South Korea, you need to comply with the local intellectual property law and enforcement processes. These laws and processes are much the same as what they have in the United Kingdom because remember, South Korea is a member of the UK Trade and Investment.

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