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Intellectual Property

With a global increasing recognition of Intellectual Property in these years, there is also an urgent nee…


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Funding Valuation

Upon the success of CtR Intellectual Property (IP) Company Limited, CtR Finding Valuation Company Limited has be….


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Product Development

CtR Product Development Ltd is a Professional for the 3 main business as Intellectual Property Service, Industrial Des….


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CtR International Patent & Trademark Agent

CtR is an authorized patent agent in Patent Application Grant (PAG) launched by the Hong Kong SAR Innovation and Technology Commission(ITC), and we support the relevant services such as each procedure, review and draft the Patentability Advice (“專利可行性意見”).

CtR is a Hong Kong based patent & trademark agent specialising patent application, trademark registration, and its relevant services. We can provide professional patent analysis for our client with our team of China patent attorneys, patent engineers, and product developers prior to developing new products.

Our patent and trademark agency services include application and registration for international trademark, invention, utility and design patent, its renewals, transfers, litigation, patent valuation and other value-added services.

It covers international trademarks such as Hong Kong trademark, China trademark, United States trademark (USA trademark), European Union trademark (EU trademark), ASEAN trademark, India trademark, Japan trademark, Korea trademark, Singapore trademark, Indonesia Trademark, Malaysia Trademark, Thailand Trademark, Australia trademark, New Zealand trademark, Egypt Trademark, Middle East trademark, Africa trademark, etc.

The international patents cover Hong Kong patent, China patent, United States patent (USA patent), European patent (EP), and patents such as ASEAN, India, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, and PCT patent application, etc.

Apart from providing Intellectual Property Consultancy and Patent Valuation Service, CtR also actively seeks solutions on ways to reduce your cost throughout the patent application process.

Trademarks and patents involve product innovation, brand and market expansion, which are essential to your business development and profitability.

Contact CtR patent and trademark consultants now to launch your global trademark and patent strategy to go ahead of your competitor.



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